I'm Kayla - new mama to baby girl Finnley, fiance to Casey AKA Kid.

Tried and true Texan trying to soak every last bit in before we move to who knows where in 2014.

Always reading; goal to read at least 52 books this year.

Magazine hoarder - do I really need that 3 foot tall stack of Instyles? That's a trick question.

Can't get enough elephants, greeting cards, new journals, pens and pencils, and coffee cups.

Tattoo obsessed - hoping for a new one around my July birthday.

13 is my lucky number.

Vinyl collector.

I like to think I'm a photographer - but I constantly forget to take the pictures and just absorb the moments. But if I did whip out my camera it'd be the best picture.

Email me if you're just dying to know more!

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