Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I can't believe April is already almost over. All of a sudden I looked up and it was already the 21st - maybe it's because one day is just blending into the next or maybe it's that we have some great stuff planned for Summer and I'm just ready for it to be here. Either way we've gotta keep busy till then - so here's what I've been into lately...

Eating... Max's Wine Dive - by far my favorite brunch in the San Antonio area although I would highly recommend hitting them for any meal any time of day if you're in the area. I'm just partial to champagne in the morning with no guilt!

Watching... Game of Thrones - truthfully I thought I would hate this show. I'm not very good at letting a tv show have all of my attention. I'm usually also doing a million other things; blogging, reading, flipping through a magazine, but so far I'm digging it and would suggest it to non-fantasy people like myself.

Listening... Oh Marcus Mumford; how I love you so. I've been spinning Mumford & Sons quite a bit since I bought tickets to their concert in Austin in June for the kid's birthday. Counting down till June 8th - oh and if you guys have any Austin hotel suggestions for a special birthday/first Father's Day I'd love them!

Reading... Divergent - now I just started this book yesterday but I'm already almost done. Yes, I do keep thinking "Wait this is Hunger Games; I've read this before" But it's quick and interesting which compared to some of the other reads waiting for me and to get me back in the reading game has been perfect. I did make the mistake of looking online to see who has already been cast in the movie - some I love, others not so much.

What have you been doing lately?

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Must Haves

So we're halfway through the month already but I've finally gotten my April Must Have's together. Being at home so much the last few months has made me realize how I have bought relatively nothing for myself or my home that wasn't absolutely essential. And well... that's boring. Have I really not fallen in love with an item of clothing or piece of kitchenware in a year. Those are my go-to splurges. Sad! So here's what I'm craving and oh so close to picking up.

What have you been craving this April?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Back Away Devil Scale

Let's talk about losing weight. It's stinky. No fun at all and everyone thinks they have some to shed.

For the record this is NOT a brag post, this is not a complaining while really talking about how easy this should be. This is a coming to reality that babies after body are very very different.

I just had my 6 week postpartum appointment. To my surprise I am 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. Impossible I thought - I hadn't even thought about dieting yet. Just trying to get a handle on life as a new mama and breastfeeding and overall adjusting. I'm crediting breastfeeding and wanting to eat healthy foods for healthy milk, being too tired to run out for crap during the day, drinking a ton of water and walking and walking and walking this this baby around for all of it.

So... why am I realizing post baby bods are wonky and the scale is just a number? All my pre-baby clothes looks - well weird. Sure I can get pants up and button and zip them (most, not all) but they are my fat pants and they are tiiiiiiight. All my dresses fit with no shape any more and I can just tell I'm bigger in my clothes.

Did I always walk around muffin top leaking out? No. I assure you I did not. My boobs are just fuller, my stomach... oh my poor stomach is stretched out and still needs time to come back together. Same with the hips, they may have done their job but they are still working their way back to where they belong in daily life.

Will my body ever go back? Who knows. But I know it's my job to work at getting back in shape just so I can keep up with life and motherhood regardless of whether it will or not.

This week starts my body project. I think I'm gonna document it here to stay accountable and try and get some helpful tips when and where I can. Does this interest you at all or am I boring the crap outta you?

Couch 2 10K here I come!

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So what's your weightloss journey? Or how do you up keep a healthy lifestyle? Share your tips and tricks with me!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nursing Double Time

Little girl Finn has been in a fussy growth spurt and has wanted to do nothing but sleep and nurse. It's a little exhausting and in addition to balancing that I look like this...

Well truthfully I look a million times worse than that but I couldn't find a better picture of a sick lady with the 5 minutes I wanted to dedicate to this post. 

Nursing a hell of a cold on top of nursing a baby has me realizing how much pressure I put on myself now that I am stay at home mommy most of the time.

I got up at my usual 7:30 wake up call to nurse the babe and then have 2 and a half hours to myself. I started a load of laundry, started the dishwasher and thought - Holy Shit; can't I be done - and proceeded to have a mini panic attack about how I wasn't achieving enough while the Kid was at work and I'm just sitting at home. 

It took a few tears to realize that even though I'm home much more sometimes I still need a sick day and I shouldn't put so much pressure on myself to get back in a groove and routine. This is a whole new job and world for me and I'm only a few weeks in. 

So in light of what I feel won't be the first day I need to remind myself of this I'm going to curl up on the couch, watch some bad TV, beg the Kid to bring me soup on the way home and nurse both of us bath to health.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm Reading...

Lately I have been getting back into my blogger game. Catching up on my past favorite, finding new people and just enjoying being back in the community.

One of my recent favorites is Travelista - Josie is a fellow Texan and expert packer it would seem. I have to restrain myself from pinning every packing example she puts out there.

From this post

See how awesome it is? Inspiring me to get on a plane and go somewhere now. Simple, streamlined and easy to put together. What more could you ask for.

Hop over and check her out.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Gallery Wall

I know gallery walls have been all the rage since Pinterest has taken off. I'm a little behind in finally thinking I should get around to putting one up in our place. To be fair - we moved here right before Christmas and I was just about 8 months pregnant.

Since finally realizing I should start to collect some prints I have done what any good girl would and scoured Etsy; discovering Amanda Helmer. Her prints are bright, fun and homey and would be a perfect pop of color addition to any wall.

Trying to decide between these...

You Are My Anchor poster print
You Are My Anchor - $15

Colorful Arrows print poster
Colorful Arrows - $15

Colorful 'Meet Me at the Farmers Market' print poster
Meet Me At The Farmer's Market - $15

What do you think? At the price I may just have to get them all and decide later.

She also makes the most adorable pencils! Need some ASAP.

Favorite Things Pencils - White & Gold, Set of 6
Favorite Things Pencils - $12

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some Thoughts On Mommyhood

Quick thoughts from the last 4 weeks
  • WOOO I must be good at this. My baby eats well and sleeps great. Go me!
  • Holy shit did I think I was good at this? I probably just jinxed myself for years
  • Did you just throw up down my bra? 
  • Can I just use a tampon yet?
  • Your medicine smells like a Dreamsicle. Do you need to be eating those already?
  • Thank the Lord for great pediatricians and patience.
  • Those are the loudest farts I've ever heard
  • I lost all my baby weight and my stomach is still puffy.... I must be doomed.
  • Those stretch marks are never gonna go away are they....
  • Modesty no longer exists... 
  • But I just changed you...
  • Am I a bad Mom that I'm okay to leave her for an afternoon already?
  • Leaving her and missing her for an afternoon was the smartest thing I could have ever done
  • Do all new Mom's just talk to themselves out loud all day?
And finally

  • Yes. She is the best looking, smartest, greatest baby ever. I think so too.