Monday, April 1, 2013

Gallery Wall

I know gallery walls have been all the rage since Pinterest has taken off. I'm a little behind in finally thinking I should get around to putting one up in our place. To be fair - we moved here right before Christmas and I was just about 8 months pregnant.

Since finally realizing I should start to collect some prints I have done what any good girl would and scoured Etsy; discovering Amanda Helmer. Her prints are bright, fun and homey and would be a perfect pop of color addition to any wall.

Trying to decide between these...

You Are My Anchor poster print
You Are My Anchor - $15

Colorful Arrows print poster
Colorful Arrows - $15

Colorful 'Meet Me at the Farmers Market' print poster
Meet Me At The Farmer's Market - $15

What do you think? At the price I may just have to get them all and decide later.

She also makes the most adorable pencils! Need some ASAP.

Favorite Things Pencils - White & Gold, Set of 6
Favorite Things Pencils - $12


  1. I was just thinking about adding a gallery wall as we redo our living room–and I think I could find a place for those adorable pencils, too!

  2. I love a great gallery wall! Moving soon, so hopefully I'll get around to making one of my own. :)
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  3. aww her stuff really is sweet- i love that quirky pencils. and my favorite print has to be the first one- that red in the anchor is so eye catching!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. They're all so cute that it's hard to decide! I agree- get them all and then decide once they're up! And those pencils are too fun!

  5. these are so gorgeous. love the pencils & the anchor print

  6. Loooooooove the second one...and it looks like congrats are in order lady! :)


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