Monday, April 15, 2013

Back Away Devil Scale

Let's talk about losing weight. It's stinky. No fun at all and everyone thinks they have some to shed.

For the record this is NOT a brag post, this is not a complaining while really talking about how easy this should be. This is a coming to reality that babies after body are very very different.

I just had my 6 week postpartum appointment. To my surprise I am 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. Impossible I thought - I hadn't even thought about dieting yet. Just trying to get a handle on life as a new mama and breastfeeding and overall adjusting. I'm crediting breastfeeding and wanting to eat healthy foods for healthy milk, being too tired to run out for crap during the day, drinking a ton of water and walking and walking and walking this this baby around for all of it.

So... why am I realizing post baby bods are wonky and the scale is just a number? All my pre-baby clothes looks - well weird. Sure I can get pants up and button and zip them (most, not all) but they are my fat pants and they are tiiiiiiight. All my dresses fit with no shape any more and I can just tell I'm bigger in my clothes.

Did I always walk around muffin top leaking out? No. I assure you I did not. My boobs are just fuller, my stomach... oh my poor stomach is stretched out and still needs time to come back together. Same with the hips, they may have done their job but they are still working their way back to where they belong in daily life.

Will my body ever go back? Who knows. But I know it's my job to work at getting back in shape just so I can keep up with life and motherhood regardless of whether it will or not.

This week starts my body project. I think I'm gonna document it here to stay accountable and try and get some helpful tips when and where I can. Does this interest you at all or am I boring the crap outta you?

Couch 2 10K here I come!

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So what's your weightloss journey? Or how do you up keep a healthy lifestyle? Share your tips and tricks with me!


  1. Girl! I just had this conversation with my best friend today!!
    She said so many of the same things you just wrote!

    I dont have any experience nor do you need any advice all you need is an encouragement here it is


  2. I am 4 weeks post partum and still have 12 pounds to lose. I made the mistake of trying on some shorts 2 weeks post partum and WOAH nelly, BAD IDEA! Anyways, I've started doing Tracy Anderson's post pregnancy DVD and I also strap the baby to me and go on walks when the weather is nice. As for diet, I eat yogurt and granola for breakfast, a HUGE salad for lunch (when I say huge, I mean I eat it out of a mixing bowl) and then have a balanced dinner with whole grains, good proteins and more veggies. We'll see if it delivers results. I am hoping to be back to my prepregnancy clothes by the time I go back to work in June. I know that's asking a lot, but I mostly don't want to have to shop for new, slightly larger work clothes that will only last me a temporary amount of time.

  3. Hey! I'm in a similar boat but obviously not cleared to exercise yet. I am going to ease back into fitness with yoga and then gradually go back to my old fitness routine. I've done p90x before (mainly the weight DVDs) mixed in with running and I think that's what I'll do again.


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